Cleaning Out My Wannabe Pantry

I’m linking up again with the wonderful Jules over at Pancakes and French Fries in her weekly project, the William Morris Project.  The goal: to make our homes more intentional by cleaning out the clutter, organizing the messes, and keeping only those things that we “…know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

This week’s target: the wannabe pantry.

You’re probably wondering first of all why in the sweet heavens I would call my pantry “wannabe”.  Well, lucky ducky for you all, I’m about to tell you!  It’s wannabe because 1) it’s not actually where I intend to have my pantry – it kinda just is for the time being until I get the real one up and running, and 2) it’s way too small for the purpose, so everything just gets stuffed in, hence, the mess I found myself cleaning out this weekend.

PS: The real pantry is going to be in my broom closet on the other side of the kitchen (next to the pull-out ironing board).  Just saving up the $$$ to buy shelving. 

Ok, now that that’s over with, let me just tell you that my “pantry” has become the black hole that sucks in cans and dry goods, never to surface again to the light of the real world.  Ok, I’m kidding.  But seriously, I found stuff in there I’d forgotten about until I actually took the time to go through it all.

Now what kind of story would this be without pictures? …. Boring.  So of course, I took lots of pictures.  Here we go:

As you can see, this open shelving section became the “toss everything I’m too lazy to actually put away spot” – phewww, that’s a long description!  But sadly, the unfortunate truth.

In this next picture, you can see that the closed shelves aren’t in any better shape.  Everything is just tossed in there haphazardly.

So I quickly got to work, emptying all the shelves so that I could actually see what all I had (this is when I discovered forgotten items).  Most everything I kept, but did throw out a few things that either weren’t going to be used, or that had been opened and never finished.  Once all the shelves were empty, I Lysol-wiped them all down.  (I LOVE Lysol, probably a little too much).

Since I love to bake, I have a lot of baking supplies.  Most of them were tossed up onto the top shelf and hard to reach.  So I grabbed this Tupperware bowl (which I’ve lost the lid to, thus unusable until now) and filled it with all my loose baking supplies.  Now they’re all in one, easy-to-access place.  LOVE IT!

Here’s an after picture of the now-organized wannabe pantry.  It’s still pretty jam-packed, but there’s an order to it.  I put all frequently used items on the lowest shelf, canned goods in the middle, and less often used stuff on the top.  And the top shelves on the left-side are for all my baking supplies.

Since my wannabe pantry is so small, I have to store my opened and in-use boxes of cereal on top of the fridge.  Next to the cat treats.  And houseplant.  ( My houseplant is on top of the fridge and in such a sorry state thanks to my darling Rory, who thinks it’s okay to munch on as a snack.)

And since I am the product of my mother, I had to accessorize the open shelving with knick knacks.  I did this 1) to be cute, and 2) to try and prevent myself from going back to stuffing the shelves with things I’m too lazy to put away.  Luckily, I already had all this stuff on hand.  All of it (except the wine corks) were thrift store purchases for a dollar or less. The decor isn’t permanent of course, just what I threw together quickly to make it looker better than it did before, in it’s cluttered mess.

So that about wraps up this project.  Maybe now that I have this organized, it’ll inspire me to start working on the real pantry.  Now that’s a thought, huh?! 😉

I hope everyone has a CLEANSING Monday!

PS:  I’ve been hard at work on getting the huge hedge in my backyard cleaned up.  It’s almost done, so stay tuned for pictures on Friday!

15 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Wannabe Pantry

  1. Nice! I did the same with my frosting supplies – corralling them into a tidy metal tin. It’s so nice to not have to chase everything down when I decide to fancy up a cake!

  2. Having those two open shelves would be such a temptation. I am afraid they would become a catch all at my house. I am anxious for the post that will come when you get to buy the shelves for the new pantry!

  3. Looks great! Using bins and baskets to contain like items in the pantry was the best thing I ever did. Two for baking, one for pasta, one for bottles of vinegar, etc. I made one for snacks the other day, and it makes packing lunches so much faster!

  4. This looks fantastic! I would have such a hard time with open shelves. I would also struggle to put food or anything other than a decorative item there – so I love what you did. I organized my spice cabinet this week and will probably post about it next time. Exciting 🙂 ha!

  5. Looks great, and of course you had to style those open shelves; I would do the same thing. I love the red/yellow/orange and your 70s-era salt & pepper shakers. Very cute!

  6. It looks so great! I love what you did with the open shelves. Very clever way to keep from putting stuff in there! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a small shelf as the one at the top of the cabinets. I’m glad you found something to put up there.

  7. I loooooooove your yellow counters! In fact, I think your entire home is darling (from what I’ve seen of it). Great job on the pantry! I cleaned mine up last October, but I think it’s due for another quick decluttering. You’ve inspired me!

    p.s. I love your accessories, too!

  8. Crisco, Betty Crocker and Rice ‘a Roni! And the awesome knick knacks…feeling so wonderfully nostalgic. What a great job you’ve done of cleaning-up your ‘pantry’. It looks so smart and well organized. Good luck with the hedges! Looking forward to seeing more of your super cute home.

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